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Get Air Conditioning without Air Ducts

For many homeowners in the Twin Cities metro area, hot water hydronic heating complicates air conditioning during the summer months. Without air ducts, central AC isn’t practical. Most such homes are cooled by window AC units. Those noisy, inefficient air conditioners aren’t the ideal answer.

Ductless AC Installation Minneapolis St Paul

As the region’s most trusted HVAC company, we have an affordable, quiet and efficient solution. Ductless mini-split air conditioners are the ideal way to enjoy outstanding comfort during Minnesota’s sticky summer heat.

Cool Your Home Quietly, Efficiently

Here’s how ductless systems work: We install a compact, quiet outdoor compressor and condenser unit. Hidden hoses and wiring connect that unit to almost silent, wall-mounted cooling modules inside your home. Cool a single room or up to 8 separate zones, depending on the system you select. You control each room’s temperature with hand-held remotes. Best of all, ductless AC systems are very efficient and keep your energy bills low.

Ductless AC Contractor Twin Cities

The cost of ductless cooling is much lower than most people think. The same unit can provide heating during spring and fall months. We supply and install duct-free systems from several manufacturers, giving you great flexibility and affordability.

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If your Minneapolis St. Paul are home is heated by a natural gas boiler, you enjoy excellent, even comfort in the winter months. Get rid of ugly, noisy window AC units and get ideal temperatures during hot weather, while saving on energy bills. Ductless AC systems and heat pumps are super-quiet and offer unmatched comfort control. Their outstanding efficiency lowers your summer cooling bills, too. You trust us to take care of your boiler, so call us to discuss your home’s cooling. In a free consultation with our ductless AC specialist, you’ll learn how affordable year-round comfort can be, through the latest duct-free technology. Wherever your home is in the seven-county metro area, we’d love to help you find an ideal, affordable solution for summer comfort.

Tired of those ugly, noisy windows AC units? Switch to duct-free cooling.
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